Pininfarina Hybrid new SENSO Smart Watch, is a time keeping master piece combining the classic elegance of a classic analogue watch with the technology of a smart watch, bring you the perfect hybrid smart watch.

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Pininfarina Hybrid Smart Watches

Features Heath & Wellness  

  • Heart Rate Measurement (Average, Max, Resting HR)  
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Measurement  
  • Breathing Exercises  
  • Sleep Tracking  
  • BMI, Weight, Calories  
  • Hydration Tracking  

Smart Assist 

  • Chronography (stopwatch)  
  • Timer  
  • Alarm  
  • Sedentary Reminder  
  • Notifications  
  • Weather  
  • E-Compass  
  • Remote Camera Control  
  • Music Control  

Heart Health Monitor 

  • ECG Measurement  
  • ECG Records  
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  
  • Stress Levels Tracking 


  • Connected GPS 
  • Sports Tracking 
  • Supported Activities 


  • iOS 
  • Android